Premium 100, 200, 300 - the complete range

  • One-touch and two-touch memory keys capacity (all models) and Phonebook capacity (Premium 300)
  • Features activation with leds signal (for speaker- microphone mute – headset key- ringer- message waiting key)
  • 8 ringer melody choice
  • All models fully line powered no AC, (no battery required)
  • EEPROM memory backup (no unfortunate file erasure)
  • Handset/headset listening volume adjustment (Premium 100 and 200 : 4 steps) – (Premium 300 : 5 steps)
  • Choice of 5 different base inclinations
  • Hearing aid compatible



Boreal 5ML, 10ML

Due to their general features such as amplified speaker, speakerphone (10ML), voice mail message waiting led, dataport access, direct access memory keys, BOREAL 5ML and 10ML are perfectly suited for use in Office Environment. A sleek design, desk or wall mountable, the BOREAL 5ML and 10ML provide an ideal use and a better Efficiency.


Mindestbestellmenge für alle Telefone: 10 Stück, oder 20 Euro Mindermengenzuschlag

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